ORU 88-98 GM Solid Axle Conversion FAQ’s (60010 & 60011)

Q. What trucks will these kits work on?
A. All 88-98 K1500's, K2500's, K3500's.

Q. What if my truck is 2wd?
A. Refer to kit 60009

Q. What is the difference between the different kits?
A. The 60010 kit uses a 32.5” spring pad width axle, and the 60011 kit uses a 36.5” spring pad width axle. Below is a simple breakdown of axles.

77-79 Ford F350 Dana 60 32.5” spring pad width (center to center)

86-97 Ford F350 Dana 60 36.5” spring pad width “ “

77-79 Ford F250 Dana 44 32.5” spring pad width “ “

Q. Can I use a GM front axle?
A. Yes, but its more work. GM solid axles utilize a passenger side drop on the transfer case, and your truck has a drivers side drop like a Ford. You will have to install a GM transfer case. All GM axles use the 60010 kit.

Q. Do I have to use crossover steering?
A. Yes, crossover steering has to be used with the solid axle swap since the factory IFS steering cannot be used, and neither can the steering from the donor axle.

Q. What springs do I use?
A. First decide if you want the standard or premium ride kit for your conversion. If you choose the standard kit, GM 73-87 front springs can be used. ORU uses 9/16 bolts for the springs, so spring bushings & sleeves from the 88-91 K3500 must be used. The premium ride kit utilizes a custom made spring that moves the shackle back 6” for a better ride. These springs must be purchased from ORU.

Q. What is the minimum size spring I can use?
A. The smallest spring we recommend for this kit is a 4” to clear a 35” tire.

Q. What if I want to keep my truck 6 lug?
A. The parts to make this happen are hard to find, so we recommend swapping the rear axle of the truck to a GM 10.5” 14 bolt so you can be 8 lug front & rear. These axles are very cheap and easy to find.

Q. How much lift does the kit add?
A. The kit will add 3” to whatever size spring you choose.

Q. Do I have to change my steering box?
A. No, the factory IFS steering box is fine.

Q. What do I do for a front driveshaft?
A. A complete front shaft will have to be made. You can use a local shop, or have any mail order driveshaft company build it for you. We recommend a long travel CV front driveshaft.

Q. Do I have to modify my exhaust?
A. Yes, the exhaust will have to be modified to clear the pass side shackle hanger.

Q. How long does the conversion take to complete?
A. Depending on options, the kit should take 20-40 hours to complete.

Q. What do I do about my ABS?
A. We currently don't offer a retrofit kit for ABS on this generation. Dynatrac may be able to help, so give them a call @ 714-596-4461

Q. Is the kit bolt on? Is there any welding required?
A. There is drilling required before the kit can be bolted on, and welding will only be needed if you plan to run single shocks. (the lower shock mount needs to be welded in place)

Q. Are there any upgrades available?
A. We have several parts that are optional with this conversion. Dual shock hoops, Trac Bar, Brake lines, shocks , hydraulic ram assist, or a torsion sway bar.

Q. Do I have to use a hydraulic ram assist?
A. ORU recommends a ram assist if you plan to run a tire larger than 35” tires.